Nocturnal Schemes by: MJ Smith True Blood ~ For Eric

What if…
Our nocturnal schemes
invite broken dreams
From our twisted lust
and absent trust?
Our self-inflected
good intentions
revel from repetition?
I know it’s true
that my with drawls from you
will be anything but smooth
Our favorite sin
searches our skin
forgetting again, to remember to end?
We will never know love
but can always pretend.


Where Evil Lurks by: MJ Smith The Bon Temps Legacy

Where Evil Lurks
By: MJ Smith

There’s a place that’s spawn from shadows
Buried deep within your mind
A place where boundaries dare to whisper
A place impossible to find

A place that’s like a haunting dream
Imaginations can’t conceive
A place that binds you till you’re lost
For once inside, you cannot leave

A place that shatters all that matter
To force a life of deep regret
A place where dread is sorrow’s forte
To cease all hope, least you forget

A place where blood spills like a rainstorm
To carve its stain in tainted murk
A place where all your nightmares thrive
This is the place…where evil lurks